A new initiative in the equestrian world: EquInnoLab.


EquInnoLab. is the place where ambitious riders, scientists and students work together to improve the sports performance of riders and their horses. By means of testing and analyzing rider-horse combinations this goal will be achieved. EquInnoLab. is led by Alain Broft MSc PDEng and Grand Prix rider and Small Tour judge Jenny Schreven. Together with former NHB Deurne Fieldlab project manager Linda Roost MSc they form the brain of this new initiative. This young and specialized team strive for innovation and “thinking outside of the box” to train more efficiently to better performances in the competitions.

EquInnoLab. works together with experts in the field of movement-analysis, physiotherapy, nutrition, veterinary, farriery, saddles and bridles. This way we created a top-of-the-line expert team that is able to optimize the sports performances. EquInnoLab. receives credibility from Sports & Technology, Limburg Paardensport and Topsport Limburg.

Started with the goodwill of Dressuurstal Schreven BV, primary business partner of EquInnoLab., the training and analyzing of the riders will take place at the facilities of Dressuurstal Schreven. EquInnoLab. immediately started a new initiative, using the well known name of Dressuurstal Schreven: the Dressage Stable Schreven Competition Team. EquInnoLab. will select six talented riders who will follow an intense training program. During this program our students and scientist will measure and analyze the combination in order to develop top notch training methods serving as proof for innovation in the sport of dressage.

The Dutch equestrian sport is known for their big successes over the last decades. In all disciplines they have won many medals at EC’s, WEG and Olympic Games. “Orange is the new gold” were the headlines in the press. At this moment we do not know much about the influence of the rider on the performances of the combination. How can a rider learn to ride even better? How can we find the Olympic Champions of the future out of the thousands of children who ride? Can we “measure” the quality of the rider? These are only some of the examples of questions that EquInnoLab. wants to answer.

Dressage is a sport that is judged visually by a group of trained judges. Therefore, EquInnoLab. will use an advanced camera system to capture the training of the rider-horse combinations. This system is used to measure and analyze as many riders and horses of all different ages and levels to collect as much data as possible – helping the students and scientists to proof and take a clear position in answering their hypotheses. The combination of the innovative (newly launched) camera system, the analysis systems and the knowledge of the EquInnoLab. expert team is unique and will form the basis for innovation. Moreover, following all guidelines of the KNHS and the FEI.

The business starts with basic analysis of dressage tests, and parallel to that the test team will be selected. In cooperation with students of specialized colleges and universities the business will evolve and a innovative and efficient training program will be developed. In turn, students get the opportunity to use the collected data to finalize their thesis in a challenging and innovative surrounding.

At EquInnoLab., innovation is the main goal we are looking to cooperate with with developers of sensors and other equipment/methods to improve rider-horse combinations together. Our focus is not only set on Dutch riders, but also on international riders.

Initially, EquInnoLab. will mainly focus on dressage. From there we want to expand our knowledge to showjumping and eventing. In these disciplines the use of visual analysis systems is already common, but only in the cross-county and the jumping disciplines. In an eventing show, the dressage test is highly important for the overall result of the event. Often, the winner of the dressage test is also the winner of the show. Therefore, eventing is an interesting discipline to delve into. Next to that we are working on a way to develop a similar training program for Para-equestrian riders, so that EquInnoLab. is the innovative training facility where everybody wants to go to!


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