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Located in the beautiful city of Weert, you will find Dressage Stable Schreven. Only a couple of minutes from the woods and the city center, our stable is perfectly situated. Easy reachable by car and train and only 25 minutes away from Eindhoven Airport. Dressage Stable Schreven has all facilities necessary to optimal train your horse or teach clients. The grounds contain a competition size arena (20 x 60 m), three sand paddocks, seven grass fields, a four-horse walker, a meeting room, six indoor stables and four outdoor stables. For the transportation of our horses we can use our luxury lorry or two-horse trailer.

In cooperation with an expert team of veterinarian, farrier, food expert and physiotherapist we try to get our horses in the best shape possible.


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Currently, we have no contracted vacancies at our stable. As soon as there will be a vacancy, it will be published on this website and through social media.

However, we do have an internship vacancy. We posses the Certification Accredited Aequor_2641Learning Company Aequor and have a lot of experience with supervising students.

Are you too busy during the school year to take on an internship? Then summer internships are perfect for you! During the summer, with classes out of the way, you will be able to commit fully to an internship and really appreciate all the benefits it has to offer.

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Borås Ridhus – Borås Fältrittklubb


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