Meet Bubbles!

Meet Bubbles… Our new guard dog/mascot! Yesterday evening Alain and Jenny finally could pick up the newest member of the family. Bubbles was born May 27th 2016 and she is now eight weeks old. You will meet her when you visit our yard!

First trot on our young superstar Indy

Today Jenny did a trot on Indicateur for the first time. He behaved like a gentleman and Jenny is really proud of his progress. Even though he is only three years old, he already trots around like a professional. Next time Jenny will do a canter as wel!

Second and third prize for Finnegan in Someren-Heide

Wow what a superstar Finnegan is! Today Jenny competed Finnegan in the Z1 class of the show in Someren-Heide and they improved their personal best score to over 66% with still a lot of room for improvement. They were rewarded with a second and third prize. Jenny also competed HC in the L1 class...

It’s a boy!!!

Happy to announce the birth of Lord Leopold. Last night just after midnight Beaujolette gave birth to this beautiful black colt. All went well and we were honored to be part of this very special moment.